POV Threesome with teen Alona Bloom and my wife


Alona Bloom, Dan Ferrari, Suzanne Ferrari


How can Alona Bloom be this fucking cute when we know all she wants is to be absolutely nasty in all the best ways. Suzanne and Alona start making out and playing with each other. Dan is in for a treat today. Alona loves to suck cock, so she goes down and shows Suzanne her favorite ways. Not to mention, Alona also loves eating ass. So she goes to town til her pussy is soaking wet and needs that hard cock. Dan slips it inside as Suzanne cheers them on. Suzanne loves watching Dan fuck hot sluts like Alona in front of her. After thoroughly using Alona to fulfill their fantasies Dan and Suzanne are ready to watch Alona get her prize, a nice big load of hot cum. Can’t wait to watch them play with Alona again soon!


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